About YHU

Located a short distance from downtown Montreal, a rich history of aviation takes flight with pride. Welcome to Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport (YHU), where the sky’s the limit.

Nearly 100 years of history

Opened on November 1, 1927, Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport is one of Canada’s oldest airports and the country’s first civil airport. For decades, it was the main port of entry to the Montreal region, connection people with their dreams and destinations.

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Changes ahead for YHU!

Our ambition is to revolutionize the airport model to become one of the world’s best airports and a source of pride for the community. An efficient, comfortable, eco-friendly and remarkable airport. An airport that brings us together, that encourages us to explore the globe and welcome the world with open arms.

Our vision

We want to reinvent an efficient and responsible airport model that provides an outstanding experience. An airport that unites the community, invites us to explore more regions and the world around us, and inspires us to welcome visitors.

Our mission

We strive to listen to our communities and industry players, draw inspiration from recent advancements and introduce new ones to create an innovative and sustainable airport model.

Our values


We actively participate in advancing our industry by developing and adopting leading-edge practices.


Our success depends on our ability to hear the needs of the people around us and to understand the impact we have on our communities, partners and non-travellers.


We collaborate to ensure our airport experience promotes the best of Montreal and Quebec and is a source of collective pride.


We make it as easy as possible for local people to explore their regions and the rest of the world, and to welcome visitors.

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